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About Us / PPMA Profile

Pakistan Plastics Manufacturers Association – popularly known as PPMA was formed in the early 1970s, but was registered with the government in 1982 under Trade Organization Ordinance 1961. it is the only plastics association in the country registered with the Ministry of Commerce. The voluntary membership of the association today consists a large number of paid members spread all over the country. The association has it zonal office in Lahore.

PPMA was established in order to bring together the members of plastics processing industry under a single roof consisting of rapidly growing SMEs. The members of the association include raw material producers, processors, plastics machinery manufacturers, moulds/dies makers, traders and importers/exporters of plastics raw material, finished and semi-finished goods.

The association actively cooperates with the polymer technical institutes and the organizers of the plastics exhibition in Pakistan. Plastics Technologies Centre was set up in Karachi in 1989 and since then association has cooperated with it on every level and has a seat on its board. In 2003 – besides local plastics exhibitions the first international plastics exhibition was held with the support of PPMA in Karachi. Similarly the association is the instrument for the successful events organized in back to back years in Karachi Expo Centre.

Furthermore the association is playing active role to globalize local plastics industry. To achieving this objective association regularly publishing their magazine called “PAKPLAS”.

Mission & Vision of the Association

To protect, promote, encourage and develop plastics processing industry in Pakistan and raise standards of its production.

To unite and encourage cooperation between firms, companies and individuals engaged in plastics processing industry and plastics trade.

To urge support or oppose legislative or other measures and to seek change in law or practice affecting processing industry and plastics trade.

To secure adequate representation for the association on government, public or statutory bodies and on trade and industrial bodies and delegations.

To assists the members to obtain essential machinery to collect circulate and disseminate statistics and other information relating to the export, import, production and sales of materials and products;

To seek affiliation with the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry, and to cooperate with any trade Organizations whose objects are similar to those of the Association.

Past Presidents
  1. Mr. M. Bashir Maniar

  2. Mr. Ejaz Mahmood

  3. Mr. Azmat Khan

  4. Mr. Ejaz A. Shafi

  5. Mr. Mian Sajjad Amir Ahmed

  6. Mr. Shaukat Ahmed

  7. Mr. Liaquat Ali

  8. Mr. Zakaria Usman

  9. Mr. Shakeel Ahmed

  10. Mr. Idrees Chottani

  11. Mr. Zafar Saeed

  12. Mr. Iqbal Lakhani

  13. Mr. Ehtashamuddin


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